Angel Yard has been entered into the ScaleSeven Group’s Challenge 33 competition.  The decision doesn’t affect what has been planned so far, and provides a  deadline of October 2014 to work towards.  Shouldn’t be too hard (sez he), and by then I’d like to have the rest of the Rookery section underway, into which, like a jigsaw piece, the yard will eventually slot.

Coborn Road – one stop down from Basilica Fields and the very essence of the GER in the East End, some of which I hope to capture in Angel Yard. Photograph ©Public Domain.

With the competition in mind these are the key elements I’ll be concentrating on for the next couple of years (though I’m sure there will be distractions and diversions):

  • At least two 0-6-0T GER ‘buckjumpers’ and a ‘Coffee Pot’.
  • A handful of GER open wagons for loco coal, ash disposal and other needs, loco sand wagon and a brake van.
  • Laser-cut viaduct, house and pub carcasses.
  • Baseboards.
  • Track & electrics: Graham will be building the track which will incorporate  early 24′ rails (some with staggered joints) to tie in with the earlier use of the sidings as a part of the Eastern Counties granary as well as 30′ long sections for more recent track. This first segment will be DCC controlled through the rails, though I’m anticipating a move towards wireless DCC powered by rechargeable batteries (wirelessly charged…hurry up technology!) for future sections.
  • Scenics.  I’m setting the whole of Basilica Fields in winter;  slushy with a light snow falling, so lots of experimenting ahead. Not forgetting millions of setts to be scribed and posts on how best to model horse manure.

The general direction the blog in the immediate future will take into account all the above and more, so expect a move towards incorporating updates of a practical nature mixed in with the historical and whimsy.

Here is the view on 12th May 1988 – the industrial building on the right has been extended upwards. (© Copyright Ben Brooksbank and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence )

© Copyright Ben Brooksbank

Here is  the modern day view – despite the buildings on the left surviving (the bridge took a direct hit from a Doodlebug),  much of the character of the scene has been diluted.