Today is revealed another part of the Basilica Fields story; a small corner of questions, puzzles and conundrums which have arisen during our researches into the prototype whilst joining up the dots of Adrian’s alternative world.  If it helps, consider Quirky Queries as a visit to an Antiques Roadshow event just after the presenters have gone to lunch…  lots of interesting objet d’art to discuss and no explanations forthcoming.  In truth, Quirky Queries may be just a name on the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet where an unfinished thread dillies and dangles whilst we delve for the light at the end of the tunnel….

For those who have followed the Basilica Fields journal over the last fifteen months or so then you may have noted the occasional Quirky Query in some of our earlier posts… for example: Why did the GWR send examples of the ‘633’ class with condensing gear to Wales whilst at the same time requiring condensing engines for the goods service to Smithfield Market?

So make this part of the Basilica Fields journal your space, where your contributions provide the answers to our questions and you shed light on our confusion.

Thank you and please continue to add to history.

Graham Beare