When Adrian and I first discussed  the  idea for Quirky Queries we realised that we might have found a way of tidying up some loose ends from main-stream posts and of providing a means where railway historians could fill in the details.  There have been favourable responses to the initial Quirky Queries and one of those responses has caused a rethink on the “Quirky Category”.   Our expectation was that the questions posed might lead to discussion and the occasional snippet of information, all of which could be achieved by way of the “comment / reply” facility of the journal – what had not been expected was that a “Quirky Query” might take on a life of its own….   or that there might be further photographs relevant to specific subject.

Such has happened…  the query about early GWR chairs has raised other questions on that subject and some interesting photos have become available to the journal.  So rather than disturb the slumber of Quirky Queries the journal now features a new category….  Quirky Answers.

Quirky Queries and your comments on those posts relate to the world of Basilica Fields, the railway services and the environment in which run those services.  Quirky Answers records questions and answers which, whilst not necessarily an integral part of the Basilica World story, are of sufficient interest as to warrant bringing to a wider audience.

As always, your contributions are encouraged.

Graham Beare