The backdrop to the whole of the Basilica Fields project will be the Great Eastern main and suburban lines out of Liverpool Street at viaduct level, and one of the features will be the multitude of bridges crossing roads both large and small. This is girder bridge is not actually on the main line out of Liverpool Street, but is at Limehouse Causeway c1908, and is part of the Great Eastern line to Blackwall, but is a scene so typical of the East End.

Limehouse Causeway was part of London’s original Chinatown where all manner of Oriental goods and services could be bought. It’s another photo full of detail – Edwardian litter (no coke cans or chewing gum!), the dusty street laid with setts, the front room shops with bric-à-brac outside and in the cart, the dirty brickwork, the gorgeous lamp and the sot sleeping it off on the pavement. All this was swept away in the 1930s leaving just the viaduct which now carries the Dockland Light Railway..