A recent birthday brought in another influx of relevant books, amongst them a trio of Middleton Press titles, seen here with one already in my collection.

Apart from the one on the East London Railway, Liverpool Street to Ilford, Liverpool Street to Chingford and Fenchurch Street to Barking all seem to have little in common with the Extended Circle and Widened Lines to Basilica Fields. However, they are very relevant indeed, as the backdrop to the layout will be the great viaduct carrying the Great Eastern’s Main and Suburban lines out of the Capital.

Liverpool St. to Chingford has some useful photographs of Bishopsgate Goods and Bethnal Green station. Although the line to Chingford branches off at Bethnal Green, there are some very useful photographs of various stations on the line showing the GER 1870s style of buildings and canopies. Completely off topic, but there’s a fantastic photograph of an M15 class 2-4-2T pulling into Clapton with a down train. It’s a very murky image, but packed with bags of atmosphere.

Liverpool Street to Ilford has more immediate relevance, again there’s lots of useful photos of Bishopsgate, Bethnal Green, but more importantly, Coburn Road, which was virtually identical to Basilica Fields. One very useful set shows the 1870s canopies being removed with the skeletal structure still in situ.

Fenchurch Street to Barking seems an odd choice as it’s not even the right line, but Cable Street coal depot was very similar to Seething Friars coal depot which is a couple of segments down the layout (and therefore at least a decade hence).

The East London Railway is obviously very relevant; the raison d’etre of the Extended Circle and Extended Widened Lines was to relieve the ELR which was working to capacity, and help introduce further passenger and goods services by the various Companies involved, to and from either side of the Thames.

All are currently £15.99 RRP.