Arrived in the post – a set of Laurie Griffin Stevenson Link motion. I can’t see that it’s worth putting working motion in many, if any of the tank locos on the Met or Widened Lines as the tanks restrict virtually all the visible movement – cosmetic slidebars and valves should suffice. However, all GER tender locos from the mid-1880s onwards had Stevenson’s Link, and despite this set being specifically for an NER prototype (I picked it up at a bargain price), conversion to the standard GER practice is a doddle: discard the balance weights (bottom right-hand corner)!

An accident in 1882 where a balance weight fell off  the weigh shaft, passed through the wheels of the loco and derailed an oncoming train, caused the GER to remove them from all locos, replacing them with a balancing ‘clock spring’ on new builds and various types of coil tension spring on old engines. Simples.