Departing  Moorgate Street in an easterly direction, beneath Finsbury Circus, the Extended Widened Lines descended to a level deeper than the adjacent Metropolitan line, so that at Bishopsgate, the Extended Widened Lines’ platforms were underground. After crossing Bishopsgate Street, the Extended Widened Lines swept north,  passing underneath the Metropolitan line, and followed the Eastern Circle Extension which had itself branched off at Devonshire Square Junction.  Civil Engineering issues prohibited the Extended Widened Lines from crossing under the Eastern Circle until the tracks had cleared the tunnels under the Katherine Docks Warehouses, which was then achieved by a gridiron flyover at Artillery Lane. Both lines then plunged into a cut and cover section to cross the area between Commercial Road and Cambridge Road which included Great Eastern Railway’s massive Spitalfields/Whitechapel coal depot and the East London Railway formation. The end of the Eastern Circle can also be seen as it follows Cable Street and Mint Street to rejoin the Metropolitan and District at Mark Lane.